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Originally Posted by romancandle View Post
I asked this almost a year ago and no one knew, so I figure I'll ask again:

Does anyone know where the nature values for editing the stats are stored or how to go about finding them? I know where the nature names are stored and how to change them. I also know there's a weird spot behind them, at 463e60, with a very similar repeating pattern, but the number of them don't seem to match up to the number of natures. It goes something like:

with the blank a different value. Then it changes 3D to 3E after awhile. I also think that 08 is jumpstd, but 3D and 3E I have no idea what they're for (although the program I'm using translate them as = and > respectively, but it didn't translate the nature names correctly, so grain of salt).
Your "very similar repeating pattern" is a pointer table. When hex editing, you'll eventually notice that numbers are stored in reverse byte order. So, a pointer to the location 8 46 3E 60 would look like 60 3E 46 08. Remember, that the info in the rom is under the label of 08. Ram offsets would be in the in other labels such as 02 and 03.

I don't know much about natures but, their info will be stored in a table like the one you've experienced, where each pointer will point to the stats that are affected.

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