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Originally Posted by ClumzyTrainR13 View Post
What section/board are you most interested in? I'd say Battle Center, because I'd love to battle other people in the community and help me with my team.

What other sections/boards do you want to venture in and learn more about? Trade Corner, because whenever I go to check it out it seems they're talking about a bunch of gibberish abbhreviations such as IV's, RNG, DW, Ut, etc. I just want to learn more about the trading system and what people here are interested in so I can commonly be active in the trading community.

Are there any specific things you like to do while you're here? I would like to create an active Trade Shop and trade with others often so I can get used to the new concepts of trading and explore new battle styles with those pokemon.
PlatinumDude is open for Battle Center, but if you'd like to try Trade Corner we have tabor62 and Livewire open in that area. :3 They're all well-versed in those sections, so take your pick!

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