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Thomas Elias Brown
Volt the electrike

"I've got a lovely bunch of co~conuts! Dede dede! Here they are all sitting in a row~ Big ones! Small ones! Ones as big as your head!" Thomas found himself singing as he collected the large fruit? Vegetable? Whatever. He had found a pocket knife in his pocket, which he had forgotten about addition, his Trainer ID and Pokedex were still there too. Not that either one would help him. He had fashioned a sort of crutch out of a piece of driftwood, though it hurt his arm to use. But a few palm leaves had fixed that. He smiled a bit. He was uncertain how they would help, but coconuts were pretty tasty. He got a tingling feeling in the back of his neck and turned around. The electrike was sitting behind him, the one that Randy had dropped in their battle, the one Thomas had leapt overboard to save.

"Hey, you made it buddy, I was wondering where you were." Thomas said with a smile. The electrike growled a bit, but he seemed unable to get to his feet. Thomas slowly approached him, and soon saw why. The poor guy looked like he had been through hell, all beat up ad bruised up.

"I'm not your buddy... Grr..." the electrike said. Wair, what? Since when did pokemon talk? Oh, when they had no pokeballs. Duh. So that meant the ball was gone

"Fine fine... Here, let me help you." Thomas said, pulling a large coconut over and beating it with the stick until it cracked open. "This sruff is pretty good for you, might help you feel better."

The electrike drank some of the coconut milk and ate a bit of it, slowly getting up, then collapsing. Thomas quickly sat down next to him and began petting him gently. The electrike growled, but really had no strength to fight back. However, he soon stopped growling when it stayed at petting, not hitting.

"What's your name?" Thomas asked.

"Before that... Person stole me, my last trainer called me Volt." Volt said with little interest, still drinking the cocnut milk.

"Mind if I call you that?" Thomas asked.

"Do as you please." Volt said with little interest.
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