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Originally Posted by droomph View Post
hi, i'm afraid i need more help

This isn't as much as a debilitating disease as it is life's little quirks, but…

Is it normal to feel guilty after buying stuff? Like, I just bought a game, but I feel extremely guilty that I spent $35 on it.

And I bought a little application for $15, and I'm feeling really guilty about buying it, even though I honestly wanted it, and I know having $120 left in a 15 year-old's bank account is still a lot (compared to the $40-$70 I usually hover around, so just keep that comparison in mind).

It also carries on into fake currencies too. In a game, I'm guilty about spending coins/blahkets/whatever the currency is, even though they don't have any impact irl. Like, I obsess about how much money I have in Mystery Dungeon, even though it's probably one of the least money-reliant games in my collection.

Is this normal, and if not, how do you guys think I should try to cope?
What you're experiencing is buyer's remorse and yes it's relatively normal. I'm sure most of us at some point have tried rationalizing the reason behind spending X amount on something or other. In fact, last November I spent $200 on a brand new Xbox 360 with games, etc and I felt really guilty about it. What did I do to rationalize? I reminded myself how badly I wanted to get Halo 4, as well as playing my older Xbox games.

So if you're anything like me, try to rationalize. As for it bothering you with fake currency, I've also had that problem and actually I have a much harder time with spending fake money (lol) I spent 70,000 pokedollars to buy a TM in White 2 and I felt bad for a bit, but then I reminded myself that my pokemon needed Fire Blast. Again, just rationalize and look at the reasons behind you buying stuff. Also, listen to Kura because she mentioned some key concepts that are likely to help you out in the long run to establish a sense of order.
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