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Here's my scorecard so far with Curious.'s previous wins:

Lost vs RandomTrainerWhoCould [Water]
Won vs clay10mc [Normal]
Won vs Twihiki_Amias [Dark]
Won vs Pave Low [Poison]
Lost vs Cid [Ground]
Won vs Huggermugger [Ice]
Won vs Rainbow Arcanine [Psychic]
Lost vs Matusallem [Bug]
Lost vs MidnightShine [Dragon]
Lost vs AlexOzzyCake [Flying]
Won vs LittleBrother [Fire]
Lost vs Icy Burn [Electric]
Lost vs Hyperbeem [Grass]
Won vs HaiI'mNate [Fighting]
Won vs Lapras* [Ghost]

Still Need To Battle: battlebro, HaiI'mNate, Gerokunz/Tackle, Lapras*, Hyperbeem, and Icy Burn.

Olli sucks
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