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Trainer Information

ID: 12300
OT: Lisa
Started: Jan. 13
Game Time: 3:27
Badges: 2
Pokedex: 9
Party Members

Sammi the Grovyle
Jolly | Female | Level 19

Mac the Taillow
Naughty | Male | Level 19

Janna the Beautifly
Bold | Female | Level 10

Griffy the Aron
Hardy | Female | Level 11

Gonzo the Electrike
Modest | Male | Level 13
Journal Entry

I started a new game since I really missed Emerald... I'm also playing this on my new tablet so nyeh! I picked Treecko as my starter, which was a female. It's funny, I started with a female Treecko in Sapphire many years ago!

On Route 104, I captured a female Marill. I didn't decide on a nickname, so I deposited it for now. I easily made my way through Petalburg Woods. I battled Roxanne as soon as I could. Treecko made this battle very trivial in terms of difficulty. She evolved into Grovyle after this match.

I backtracked through the early routes until I captured a Taillow and a Wurmple. Luckily, Wurmple evolved into Beautifly on my first try. Taillow mauled Brawly with Wing Attack. Also, while wandering around the Dewford cave, I managed to pick up a cute Aron.

I'm in Slateport now, where I just kicked the Team Aqua grunts out of the museum. I headed north and caught an Electrike. I chucked several Pokeballs before capturing this lil tramp. I'm glad he has a Modest nature. I needed to introduce a second boy on my team of all-stars :3 cough named after PC members. Thank you Mia darling for the bulk of the CSS. I need to capture you and you shall be my squishy Pokemon pet, yush. Until next time...

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