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Hi BlueShellBeast, welcome aboard!

As for the labels discussion, I think too much emphasis is put on the idea of it. I agree with everything that Scarf said (and also enjoyed finding out more about her as this is the most she's probably opened up in a while!) but I also think people are too hesitant to decide on a label because of the stigma that has popped up surrounding labelling. I don't find pigeonholing that much of a risk - just because you've given yourself a label, doesn't mean you can't change it. Labels can be peeled off and and replaced quite easily if you should ever change your mind.

I'm gay, I've labelled myself that and I don't see myself ever changing that, but should I begin to feel that I am attracted to girls as well, I'm not so precious about being gay that I wouldn't be able to change my label to 'bisexual'.

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