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It'll get better.
RPGear and CardBox, 2 java projects are now on hold for my spring college semester.

For this semester, I'm taking Java II and a C++ introduction class at the community college.
One of the features I'll be learning to code and use is Java's I/O library. Where It will manipulate files;
Change text and data and so on. Learning to do this is critical to complete my projects.

Both the apps will be pushed back regarding an early release besides researching Java's I/O since my
current instructor plans to teach us and I learn better through exercise.

For those out of the loop now reading this; RPGear is a java app I have been planning for a while.
Planning its logic and gui elements while trying to figure out how data is handled, saved and sent from
PC to a file on the internet. The purpose of the gear is to add a gameplay element to forums or websites.
Example, In Earth and Sky, I tend to use dice rolls to make a lot of decisions, including picking out jobs.
The gear will roll and generate die numbers from a coin[d2] to a 20-sided die. [d2o] The gear will be able to keep track of items created, money and health. The gear will work with ANY set of rules you layout, whether your playing
a RPG system based off a book [such as Challenger or Maverick] or something you come up with on the fly.

CardBox is another app I have been looking over to making. Its the ability to play card games on forum boards.