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The Victory Roads we've had up to this point have all been pretty blah-se to me.

Personally, I'd rather Victory Road be a picturesque area, something like a vibrant cape leading up to a magnificent castle (Obviously the E4 HQ). The cape would start at just above sea-level with you slowly rising to reach the castle that is perched precariously at the top betwixt two cascading waterfalls.

On the way up, you'd obviously battle a multitude of Cool Trainers/Ace Trainers with a plethora of Pokemon to truly test you rather than just to provide much needed Experience Points to push your Pokemon to a reasonable level. Obviously all the trainers can't have gimmicks to throw at you, but seeing some using things like the Protect + Earthquake combo, or Defense Curl + Roll-Out, or Skill Swap on Slaking would be fun.

Use of HMs would be minimal, if not, non-existent. You'd probably have to move a boulder or two, but other than that, you shouldn't have to Surf, Cut, Flash, or Waterfall up to the Elite 4.

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