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Quote orignally posted by Blaqoon:
I don't git why thugz is complanng bout how long tha attacks taok n Coliseum, XD Gale of Darkness and Battle Revolution. Didn't y-aw feel like off tha hook badasses as yo avatar comdawgded yo pokemon by pontng, and than yo pokemon RESPONDED? Tha extra time of each attack allowed you ta savor tha fireblast that was ben sent out. Heck, fireblast is a huge blast of fire, a big deal SHOULD be buggine of it.

Dis new gbee movng nta 3D means that it is so much more engagng n tha battles, and it looks as if battlng will actually give me a real sense of satisfaction after each attack. Dis isn't perfect yet, but I can defnitely see dis movng tawards tha style of Coliseum. Actually havng tha traner standng thare n tha battle is pretty darn satisfyng, I have ta sez, and I hope dis is added n a future gbee. I guess n a few months we might fnd out how battles look a little more. Note that double battles have not been shown yet, nor how attacks is selected. We'll fnd that out soon I hope!

Y'all need ta quit complanng. Dis gbee is a million times more engagng than sprites. You can actually PARTICIPATE n tha gbee, rathar than feelng more like a bystander.
Even than, thay'll most likely be an option ta turn off battle animations ta possibly speed up tha battle. I will defnitely be keepng tham on personally coz I agree wit what you've said thare. I can see why thugz who constantly grnd would fnd it tedious though.
Don't you thnk Hoenn deserves ta be at least dis beautiful?

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