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Nerf this!

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Sooooo Keep Calm & Flutter On...

asdfghjkl; SUPER EPIC. I applaud with tears of joy rn!!!

I LOVE how Fluttershy stayed with Discord all throughout the episode while the other ponies were like "omg y u stick beside him??" I mean, it was amazing to see that she was trying all her best to be kind, to endure his stunts, and change him for good. The ending made me bawl, I shedded tears of joy when Discord realized that she was his one and only friend. I mean, I'm pretty sure I wasn't the only one that's gone through this, right??

Quote originally posted by gunnerpow7:
So... joining!

Username: gunnerpow7
Your Favorite Pony of the Mane 6: Twilight Sparkle
Additional Information: Well thank MidnightShine for that since when Laugh and Mid did MLP, tbh, I got jealous soo... I watched the pilot and tbh, it was awesome! I loved Twilight Sparkle since she is smart and cute and was a bookish type of girl, like me... :3

Gunner! Welcome to the club! I see your two friends got you to it. Which is AWESOME! Even though Twilight isn't really my first favorite, I still am fond of her. :3 Hopefully you reach to Season 3 asap, so you can join in on the episode discussions! :)

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