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It would be so cool to see the camera zoom in while talking to some non-playable character in the game, but I do assume the camera angle and zoom would remain the same as previous generations when talking to a non-playable character.

But as far as what we've seen in the trailer, I don't think they no longer have the camera facing above the player anymore and instead is showing it in an angle where you can also see the sky as well, similar to how Castelia City is like in Black/White. But the only times they'd have it facing above the player would be when in a cave or building, so it would give that Pokémon Colosseum feeling.

As for the cutscenes, I'm sure they're going to be amazing! Since it's now in full 3D, we should be expecting some amazing detailed cutscenes where the camera moves around freely and zooming in on characters as well as Pokémon. Which would be so epic.
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