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After making his way through the Gates, Somnium headed down the Main Road to the Hotel they were staying at. After finally reaching it, they nodded a hello to the Manager and his Cinncino and went through the main hall, a medium sized room with green and gold colouring plan, to emphasize Clay's mine that had made this city prosperous. He passed through the marble archway into the training field at the back of the Hotel and asked Emolga to head out onto the field. "So then Emolga," he said, bringing out his PokePad to check an moves it can now learn, "It seems you should be able to learn Quick Attack, so lets get down to training. Emolga, we need to raise your speed and attack, so we'll try this dummy over here.". we headed over to the Scarecrow/Dummy training area, a row of flour sacks on poles, waiting to be attacked. "Now then Emolga, I want you too aim for one of the dummies and ram into it as fast as you can!". Emolga then backed up and charged into the sack of flour, not doing much damage to it. "Come on, keep going!" Somnium yelled, as Emolga kept charging and charging, until eventually, they got they wanted, and Emolga was surrounded in a white glow. "Quickly! Charge the dummy!" he yelled, and Emolga, faster than it had been before, rammed into the dummy, causing a glorious explosion of flour to rain down. "Great job, Emolga! Now then Ralts, it's your turn".

White 2:
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