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My I am Dylanimus and I'm the creator of Pokémon Reverse, as you may know.
For a long time, I did everything for the hack myself. I recently recruited a spriter. He does very nice work! But as you know, it is very hard to make a hack without a nice team. That's why I made this thread, I'm in search of team members for Pokémon Reverse!

The idea of Pokémon Reverse: It all started a few years ago. I found a game on the internet called Pokémon Shiny Gold. The game was really nice and I keept wondering how people modified Pokémon roms.
From that moment I searched for tools, tutorials, etc...
First I didn't want to make a public hack. But soon, when I found out about the PokéCommunity, I wanted to make an awesome hack!

Now I made this team thread to make Pokémon Reverse the best FireRed hack ever made! (and have fun ofcourse )

Application form:
Nickname: - How would you like me to call you?
Skills: - What can you do?
Best Skill (Optional): - If you can do more than one skill, what's your best one?
Proof: - Why should I recruit you? Clould you show me something you made? (Screenshot)
Past experiences (Optional): - What hacks have you worked on/helped on before?
Availibility: - How much time do you have for my hack?
Time Zone: - So I know when I can contact you.
Prefered Contact Method: - How would you like to communicate.

  • Scripter(s)
  • Spriter(s) (for the OW's too)
  • Tileset/Palette Maker(s)
  • Mapper(s)
  • All help is useful!
    (Do you own a skill that isn't listed? Don't hesitate to fill the form!)

Current Members:
  • Dylanimus - Owner, Maker, Mapper, ...
  • Acertony - Spriter, OW spriter
  • snivy - Scripter
  • JNathan - Storyliner
  • Jim Boob - Mapper
  • Czupo - Scripter

Ending word:
Well, I think that's everything. Please don't hesitate if you'd like to join!
We still need all help!

(Please DON'T USE these images WITHOUT my permission, thanks!)

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