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Ok so, i found my old pokemon stash with 7 strong poke decks ready for action + bunch of unused cards, when i was around 10 i went to those local tournaments, and was very into pokemon cards. So nostalgia got me and me and my friends want to try once again to play these cards. Basic rules we all know, but i have a question that confuses us all.

I gonna go with my Neutral poke deck which has in it Pidgeot + all its basic forms. Thing that bothers me is its his second attack "Hurricane" and it goes like this : "Unless this attack Knocks Out the Defending Pokemon,return the
Defending Pokemon and all cards attached to it to your opponent's hand." + it deal 30 damage.

What if i use this attack againts third stage pokemon with bunch of energy cards attached to it, and i dont knock it out. That pokemon has to go back in opponents hand. What can my opponent do on his turn, right after i used this attack?
Do the damage counters stay on that pokemon? Does he starts again in play with its basic form without energy cards attached? And 30 damage is too low to knock out most pokemons, does that mean i can go on and on returning his pokemons untill i want?

Thank you in advance.
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