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Quote originally posted by jsziede:
I definitely couldn't be a stand-up comedian, though, because I never find myself in hilarious situations.

The majority of comedians aren't actually in the situations that they describe (if they were then I'd be pretty worried about some of them!), so I don't think this'd be a problem haha. From what I've heard (although this could be entirely wrong), they tend to come up with an idea for a joke first and then attempt to tailor an every-day situation to fit the theme of the joke, in which case with enough time most people could become a stand-up comic imo. But there's a difference between being able to write the jokes and being able to perform the jokes in an interesting way, so maybe I'm not giving them enough credit haha. It's certainly not something I'd be able to do, standing up infront of that many people sounds terrifying .-.

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