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Haha, I'm quite sure my idea would never happen, but if we're going to dream we may as well dream big, right? And yeah, my speculation was kinda dark, but I think pokemon has been dealing with real world isues since it started. I get where you're coming from on that though.

...was the pokemon I missed Budew? I could have swore Budew was pure Grass, but I nonetheless had doubts.

Also, I imagine a Poison/Psychic type would be safe from itself if only by virtue of just being Poison/Psychic. I mean, Lanturn are perfectly healthy despite their typing, and all of those Grass/Poison types are still around. Even if we were to go at it with types, both Psychic and Poison resist Poison attacks, and Psychic's resistance to itself nullifies Poison's weakness. Poisonous creatures generally have an immunity to their own venom in some form, and psychokinesis is more often based around extreme discipline and focus than it is wild untamable power. It shouldn't be too difficult for the Psychic to make sure his own powers don't tear himself to shreds, and even if the poison was dangerous there must be some sort of trick to make it not dangerous. Maybe autohypnosis... yeah, maybe it is immune because it actively purges the knowledge that its body is dangerous from its mind... mind over matter and all that.

Edit: I couldn't help but notice that Cascoon isn't listed in the list of Poison type pokemon on the front page... not that I think anyone would particularly care, but wasn't it a poison type too?
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