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Quote originally posted by Miss Doronjo:
Theeen again, for those of us with pokegears, could we register each other in them, so we can make easy phone calls? =o
You don't need that, the pokégears can let you contact some NPCs like Mr Pokémon, professor Elm, gym leaders and such. But you can message other real life players through the ordinary menu as long as you've met and registered each other as friends. Or if you've perhaps enabled "everyone" to be able to send you messages in the menu options. Hm, a phone system for voice chats... maybe that could be something a certain profession could invent eventually? ;)

Quote originally posted by jasonwolf:
Well my plan is to get Jercio lunch and then he'll start training in town.
Cool! I want to get there too ;; Just catching myself a Weedle first.

Quote originally posted by Skymin:
Retro Bug and I are waiting on eachother to post, though I don't think we're much behind everyone (Dark Cavish).

Hopefully we can get a post up soon! <:

Me and Fuyu are doing the same, I guess ^^

Quote originally posted by Codaq:
Hey, guys! I'm looking for a RPG I can enter. Are there any SU open?
Hi! Yes, you may post a SU if you want to enter.


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