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Thethethethe and I made some progress, 2007/2008. Unfortently I keept most of my discoveries on my computer, and they're long gone... I can't remember much (if anything), but the game had some easy parts as the plain ascii text and way the sprites are storred.

I think we got pretty well into scripting and got quite a bit of the language documented, so we could do some scripting, while we never even got started on maps or any visual work.

I also started programing during that period, and wrote some kind of editor. Heres a screenshot. Since the picture was taken, I think I only added 2 or 3 extra programs too it, (Which all was just able to perform simple hex edits). I never released it officially, but sended some betas around on msn, which I think are propperly gone forever.

It's not that people haven't thought about going into the game since, I get about 2-3 people on average per year asking for info on the games, and mainly just the tool.
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