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Jimmy Hill

By now Jimmy had made his way closer towards the cloaked figures. He was about halfway from the midsection of the chamber, crouching behind a wide pillar. Although this approach increased his chances of being discovered, he needed to get within a closer range to hear. Apparently, they were controlling the hordes of zombies with a Butterfree and some other pokemon he had never heard of before. But that information wasn’t nearly as important as the fact that they were about to migrate over to the mountain region. It was something he’d absolutely have to remember.

Just then the cloaked figures began to move, they were walking right towards him! He pressed up closer against the pillar, praying that they would somehow skip him over. He held his breath, in an effort to produce as little noise as possible. Fortunately for him, they had been so caught up in organizing and moving their army of zombies they seemed to have missed him. The zombie army followed quickly, moving by without noticing him either. It seemed they were completely mindless underneath the figures’ control. Quickly he slipped into the back of the pack, attempting to mimic their actions and tendencies.

This would be his only way out. The other tunnel he had taken into the chamber, was a one way route. He’d have to figure out a way to swiftly make a way up the hole he came in and without leaving too much evidence of his presence if he were to go back that way. This was indeed incredibly risky but also probably the best option he had at the moment.
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