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Originally Posted by Gerri Shin View Post
Hey, I'm trying my hand at LPing and was wondering if anyone could help me decide which Pokémon version I should use. I've been tossing up between Platinum, SoulSilver, or White as well as if I should just do a straight run or a nuzlocke challenge.

This will be my first attempt at a Video LP and I'm hoping to use this summer to practice before doing my first main LP series on X or Y. I would really appreciate any advice other LPers could give me about starting out.
Really it depends on what you want to focus the LP on, SoulSilver would probably be a lot easier as the difficulty is lower, so you wouldn't have to spend as much time grinding or worrying so much about losing. If you're trying to do an informative LP, choose the game you have the most knowledge on, if you can talk about interesting stuff that isn't just the gameplay footage, then you'll be more interesting. If you're looking to do a more comedic LP, then try to think about the plots and the like, and choose the one in which you believe you'll get more material from.

If you're doing a video LP be absolutely sure your recording quality is up to snuff - I'm not saying go out and spend a hundred bucks on a fancy microphone (that's for suckers like me), but go for something which records clearly and ensure you can reduce background noise as much as you can. And remember that programs like Audacity have noise reduction tools built in, so those can be helpful.

Most importantly, as long as you present your LP with personality and the quality isn't distracting, you should find an audience for it.

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