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Quote originally posted by Fuyu:
^_^ I'll try to get a post up tonight or tomorrow. I did not realize my mother would drag me out of the house for that long.
I'm looking forward to it :3

Quote originally posted by jasonwolf:
Oh just to be curious can I have my pokemon use moves in ways not intended like use quick attack to dodge. just curious since I'm gonna do a trainer battle hopefully.
Let's ask the general crowd in this RP: what do you think? Normally, if it wasn't a game like MAO is, I'd definitely say yes ^^ Using moves in weird ways makes battles much more interesting. But with MAO being a system calculating moves and hits and damage... I'm not sure. Maybe we could make this a point where the imagination of players lets the game behave a bit strangely though? Or maybe we can just try not to think about it too much ;)

I vote yes.
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