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Okay, let's- let's try this again!
Hi guys! I'm attempting to become a LPer, and thought Pokemon Yellow wold be a good game for me to start off with. I started it a while back, but hey, it's still in progress! I had to change channels during this, and that is also why videos 2-8 are in two parts.

Anyway, if you could comment on my progress and give constructive criticism, I'd really appreciate it! :D
I'm just going along with everything- as I didn't practive it, nor do I want ti practice any game I may LP in the future. My faltered memories of each game could bring upon some laughs, or new experiences. Who knows!

All the videos are physically placed in the spoiler below. Every time I get a chance to upload and post, I'll also put it inside of this spoiler! (Unless you can't edit posts, in which case- I can put the video in a reply.)


Part 1

Part 2 1/2 + Part 2 2/2

Part 3 1/2 + Part 3 2/2

Part 4 1/2 + Part 4 2/2

Part 5 1/2 + Part 5 2/2

Part 6 1/2 + Part 6 2/2

Part 7 1/2 + Part 7 2/2

Part 8 1/2 + Part 8 2/2

Part 9

Part 10

Updates to come-

So hey, thank you guys for checking! I truly do appreciate it!