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Thank you, Griffy! and Gonz0 is just spamming, not helpful at all... KIDDING! I will do that, Gonz0. :D

I forgot to replace HP Ice on Togekiss. Gastrodon was suppose to carry it though, but I placed Ice Beam instead. I really haven't used it at all, and I was thinking of the Counter-Coat Gastrodon. Togekiss was meant to be the true Special Attacker of this team. I couldn't think of anything else that annoys opponents more than it should.

Heatran isn't really that useful for me, and I don't know if I should keep it or not. Sure Taunt-tran is awesome, but the only synergy I could think of is Gastrodon + Heatran on the field. Gastrodon absorbs any Water-type attack aimed on Heatran, but that's that; it couldn't do anything else when Ground-type attacks comes in. I don't want to lose Scizor, Cress, and Hitmontop on since Cress is the main point of the team and if I remove 'top and Scizor, there won't be anything else that uses Physical moves.

Should I opt for a bit bulkier EV spread for Togekiss?