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Congrats on starting another game dude! But there are a few things you could fix IF YOU WANT:
-Add a better stroryline : The one you have currently is not really attractive(without any offence). Spice things up and add more plot to the storyline. Show that Team Chaos have a VERY evil plan and that the hero must jump in to stop it and not because his dad ordered him to.
-On the last screenshots : I think you should use thinner ledges.
-Upgrade your graphics : Just like Rayquaza once told me, people like more up-to-date graphics like HGSS-DPPt-BW-B2W2. (This is just an opinion, it looks good with FR/LG graphics too).
After that the game looks good, if you ever need a storyliner i'm available to help you whenever you want!

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