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Quote originally posted by Retro Bug:
Ari doesn't care about the citizens either that doesn't mean she still isn't going to help them because they got direct orders from a superior to do a job. (Well, technically Ari didn't but I'm just saying for her it's applied protocol.)

And CWP isn't coming up with this stuff on his own it's a collaboration between AlexOzzyCake and himself. I believe he's just working with what he's told so he's not coming up with this material by himself. I don't think you should be solely aiming your criticism at him and him alone.

I think something may be lost in translation here; Oda does care about the citizens, and she will be doing what she can to aid them. I, Lilizuki, will have issues finding the motivation to write detailed descriptions of her doing so.

CWP isn't the only one to blame, fair enough, I didn't know that. I apologize for any offense as a result.

@AlexOzzyCake: I'm interested in this RP. I would have left if I wasn't, and wouldn't write up why it wasn't working for me if I hadn't. I did provide suggestions on how to improve in that spoiler tag, though not for every one of my criticisms.

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