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I think the last time I posted something here I was at the 8th Gym or so... Just saying that I'm done. I've completed the challenge. Yeah, I've beaten Elite Four and Champion, got all 8 Gym Badges, and defeated Red with a Lv. 60 team. However, since I'm so lazy and I don't want to post all the screens, I'll just post the final one.


- Sawyer the Feraligatr, Lv. 60, @Soft Sand: Slash, Earthquake, Ice Punch, Surf
- Janine the Quagsire, Lv. 61, @Leftovers: Ice Punch, Earthquake, Surf, Strength
- Leviathan the Gyarados, Lv. 60, @Dragon Fang: Waterfall, Hyper Beam, Bite, Dragonbreath
- Winona the Tentacruel, Lv. 60, @Mystic Water: Surf, Supersonic, Sludge Bomb, Barrier
- Damien the Poliwrath, Lv. 61, @Quick Claw: Surf, Body Slam, Submission, Ice Punch
- Poseidon the Starmie, Lv. 60, @Amulet Coin: Surf, Psychic, Recover, Flash (used just for Mt. Silver)

That's all, folks! See ya next time! :D
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