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So, I don't do so well with details. After working my tail off on the latest art battle, I was this close

to submitting my entry when I realized that I was participating in the wrong contest. The rules were to create Chespin's evolutionary line, and for whatever ridiculous reason I believed for a whole week we were to create Fennekin's evolutionary line. I even read the rules multiple times to ensure I made no mistakes. How could I have been such a total idiot?

Needless to say, I've bailed out of the contest. Alexial and Fenneking and anyone who was looking forward to seeing the entries, I give you all permission to kick my ass in a dark alley. I sincerely apologize.

So since I worked so hard on my entries, I thought I might as well post them here. Enjoy.



NAME: Flixen


TYPE: (Fire/Normal)

DESCRIPTION: Despite its cuddly appearance, this fox-like creature- known for its cunning behavior- can breathe fire and penetrate boulders with its howl. Spotting a Flixen alone is rare, for it resides in the most obscure caverns of volcanoes and hunts with small packs. However, its curiosity brings it to roam the forests with its kin. Flixen's large ears carry small, fiery stones that little is known about, but it is rumored that if the stones are taken, the Pokemon's growth is stunted.



NAME: Fokkaun


TYPE: (Fire/Normal)

DESCRIPTION: Famous for its speed and grace, Fokkaun can be found racing through forests if one's eyes are quick enough to spot more than its fiery trails. Fokkaun's behavior undergoes massive change from its previous stage, Flixen. It exhibits the preference to wander alone and away from volcanoes, and is rather helpful and compassionate to Pokemon in need, although it doesn't stick around for praise. Studies have shown that Fokkaun's ears- unlike Flixen's- do not possess any stones, but mysterious glistening shards of everstone* have been found resting in its thick, white fur.
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