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Name: Alicia Achroma
Age: 14
Gender: Female
History: Alicia's fondest memories in life are of travelling the globe. Not many her age would be able to say that they have seen half as many sights of the world as she did, but her home was always changing, and rarely if ever stayed in one place for long. An appreciation for science and pokemon was practically drilled into her head from an early age, not that she minded much. Alicia admired her father, he was the smartest man she had ever known, and his pokemon were always kind and friendly playmates despite their intimidating appearance and frightening powers. The little girl didn't fear this power, however. Instead, she had become quite fascinated with it. This subject eventually became the subject of her father's lessons to her: the methods to nurture power, how to cultivate it, how to harness it. By the time Alicia was a preteen she had perhaps sat it on more lectures on the nature of a pokemon's strength than most people did by the time they were twenty. However, knowledge of theory means little without the experience to application. To that end, Alicia was given the project of caring for a pokemon of her very own, a newly hatched Klink born of her father's Klinklang.

In Alicia's opinion her life was quite wonderful at this point, but when rumours of Team Plasma's return in Unova started cropping up, her father suddenly... disappeared. There was no other way to describe it, it was as though the man that had raised her was no longer on the planet. At first, Alicia was just confused, but she soon became distraught and furious. She didn't know what had become of her father, but she knew that his disappearance was hardly a good omen. Alicia threw herself into researching her father's old things, and quickly came to the conclusion that whatever had happened to him, Team Plasma held an obvious connection to it. With her Klink and a wealth of her father's notes, knowledge and gadgetry, Alicia set off for Unova, initiating herself into Team Plasma with a fabricated identity, a false surname and a fierce ambition to find her beloved father, no matter the cost.
Appearance: Alicia keeps the top half of her face covered in a concealing dark blue mask (see below). There's a great deal of speculation as to why she does, a few grunts think it's to make herself similar to Team Plasma's new ruler, others speculate that its to cover up some sort of physical deformity, others still say that it's actually a visor designed to give highly detailed scientific readouts and provide a multitude of other uses. The girl brushes these off as silly, and refuses to divulge why she wears the mask. She is particularly tall for her age, and shows no sign of stopping her growth spurt any time soon. This height along with her mature wardrobe and serious mannerisms make her look older than she really is, which is probably what she's going for anyways. Alicia's hair is dark blue, quite straight and just barely reaches her shoulders. A long, yellow plume from what appears to be a Pidgeotto or a Pidgeot is pinned to her har with a featureless barrette, and the feather trails upward into the air before curling down around the girl's head.

Alicia wears a very long lab coat that billows out from her body almost like a cape, and the dark blue shirt and slacks that she wears underneath are always crisp and clean as though she takes an almost obsessive approach to cleanliness. Her shoes are black and perhaps ill suited to long treks in the wilderness, much like the rest of her attire. A black tablet is always clutched in Alicia's gloved hands like a lifeline, and when her free hand isn't tapping away at it madly, it's generally stuffed apathetically into a pocket of her lab coat.
Starter Pokemon: Klink (Level: 5 Ability: Clear Body Moves: Vicegrip, Magic Coat)
Legendary Pokemon: Genesect

Alicia's mask is similar to the one seen here:


Can you guess who Alicia's old man is? Of course you can, you guys aren't stupid, and if you haven't figured it out you probably will if you think about it for a bit longer. All I ask if that you remember that your characters wouldn't know, and that you guys at least pretend to be surprised when it's revealed in story.
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