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Chapter 2: Saved by water!
The girl turned her head letting her short black hair flow with the gentle August breeze under the glistening moons light. She gave Zane a look of curiosity, “You can ask all the questions you want after this.” She said in a gentle tone.

The young girl pulled out her two light blue, long silver tipped Bokken swords that were strapped in two black scabbards (The swords case) behind her back. She lowered her head and whispered, “Be gone Benju.”

“Owl!” The entire pack of deadly gray hungry wolves roared in anger at the sight of her blades.

“Wow, they seem to hate you more than they want to eat me.” Zane said. The girl smiled and jumped off the sturdy brown tree branch, somersaulting high up in the air, and landed in the middle of the pack of hungry demonic wolves.

“It’s time to send you back!” She yelled. The stranger gripped her swords even tighter. The pack step by step, inch by inch they grew hungrier fantasying about how they would tear deep into her soft, tan flesh. Suddenly without further hesitation a smaller young demonic wolf behind the girl leaped straight for her neck.

“Behind you! Look out!” Zane yelled. Without warning the muscular, shaggy pack leader still focused on the boy leaped straight for.

Zane turned around sensing something was about to happen and faced the head wolf. “Haven’t I told you already? I’m not in the mood to play chew toy!” he yelled. The flame wielding child jumped back and kicked the muscular, shaggy gray wolf in the face sending it plummeting to the forest floor.

The strange girl turned around just in time to react to the young, small, gray wolf pup. She swung her right silver tipped sword, slicing through the wolf’s abdominal with ease. The tiny gray wolf exploded into soft neon purple dust and floated high into the air. It seemed so easy like cutting a piece of butter. “Wow, what are these things?” Zane asked both curiosity and fear flowing through his mind.

The weapon wielding child continued fighting the pack of wolves not paying a word that he said any attention to. Zane jolted off the brown, sturdy tree branch, and landed beside the girl. Her short black hair and tan skin still sparkling under the moonlight. “You know you didn’t tell me your name.” He said.

The pack took a step closer in an impatient manner, completely in sync. The girl turned around completely and smiled at Zane. “I’m Alyssa, a student from Crow Academy; we can talk more after I take care of our little problem.” She replied referring to the hungry demon like animals that wanted to eat every last bit of them.

Alyssa held both of her light blue blades in the air and as she did tiny blue droplets of water formed in the air. “Now……. Flood Orosaki.” She whispered to her sword resembling a woman in prayer.

Suddenly She swung both of her, long light blue, silver tipped blades. The collected water droplets then followed her duel swords making a crescent shape. “S-she’s controlling water with her swords.” Zane said in awe.

“Now Benju, go back! Orosaki Chowshen (Aqua crescent waves)!” She yelled. The crescent shaped water droplets became thinner turning razor sharp and sliced through all of the gray, hungry, demon wolves in half. The pack burst into a neon powder and drifted away in the blissful breeze, floating under the full moons bright and beautiful calming light.

“Thank you, Orosaki.” She whispered to her duel blades. She slid her two blue, silver tipped, long swords into the two black scabbards strapped behind her. After a minute of replaying what had just happened in his mind, Zane looked up and smiled.

“Wow Alyssa that was amazing, the way you took out those things.” He said. Alyssa turned around and smiled at Zane.

“Thanks, I saw your little display with the Benju wolves and if you wouldn’t have used your powers I would have been to late.” She said. The two walked deeper into the quiet dark forest with pink petals slowly drifting to the ground and began to talk.

“So, you’re able to control fire?” She asked in a curios tone. Zane stopped and rubbed his wrist where the Benju wolf had bitten him there was no scaring what so ever, no proof that he had even been bitten.

“Well… I wouldn’t say ‘Control’ but yeah.” He said. The boy looked up and saw a spark of happiness deep in Alyssa’s ocean blue eyes. Was she happy that he couldn’t control his gift? Or was it another reason? One he couldn’t figure out.

“You should come to Crow Academy; they can teach you to control your power, and other really cool stuff.” She suggested.

Zane thought about it, he wanted to control his fire power, he wanted one of those sweet swords, but of all things he wanted to get as far away from Maximus as possible. “Sure thing, tell me some more about this Crow Academy.” He said.

Alyssa’s ocean blue eyes lit up with joy knowing that she just made a new friend. They continued walking through the inactive forest under the full moons beautiful, bright light. Hours had passed since the Benju incident and the two were far away from Maximus. “Okay so in Crow Academy there are three classes; the first ‘Hiashi’ is for beginner or Rooky students, the second ‘Orotagi’ the second level for advanced students, and the last ‘Arutaki’ for super strong students. Then After you surpass the last rank, you graduate and they send you on a team to protect a certain area.” She explained.

“What class are you in?” Zane asked.

“I’m in Orotagi rank,” She replied. “Come on we’re almost there.” Alyssa grabbed Zane by his wrist and the two sprinted towards a giant old factory that looked like it needed to be rebuilt.

“Are you sure this is Crow Academy, it looks like a plain old abandon factory?” Zane asked in suspicion.

“Don’t worry this is just the entrance, we have to make our entrances look like this so no normal people will accidently stumble apon us. Or at least that is what Mr. Yodahama tells us.” She answered. The two walked into the abandon factory, its pasty brick walls, it was pitch dark, and piles of broken rusty machines were everywhere. Alyssa walked behind a black door and opened it and it released a humongous amount of blinding white light. She walked through the door but Zane just stood there, he swallowed hard took another step. His breaths were heavy; his heart felt like it was lodged in his throat, blood pumped fast in his veins and adrenalin lots and lots of adrenalin.

He took another step and peered out of the door to his amazement he was high. Higher than he had ever been before and below him was a campus the size of two colleges combined this would defiantly shut up Preston; so many buildings Zane could hardly believe his eyes. The astonished boy ran down the hill, and suddenly tripped. Minutes after smashing against the hard dirt floor, He crashed into the cement beside Alyssa and sat up rubbing his arm. “Ouch, are you okay? That looked like a nasty fall?” She asked.

Alyssa reached her hand out towards Zane and smiled. “Thanks but I got it,” He stood up and dusted off his black pants, it seemed as if the crash didn’t affect him, because it didn’t Zane was use to being thrown into cement every time he did something wrong it was Maximus’s favorite punishment, “It seems like everyone is asleep I should wait until tomorrow.”

“Where are you going to sleep?” She asked in concern. Zane smiled and scratched his spiky midnight black hair.

“Don’t worry about me, you should get to your room before you get in trouble, and oh Alyssa I’m glad you came to saved me.” He said. He offered Alyssa a smile to show her that everything was going to be okay and she walked into a giant blue building.

“Sleep well, Zane tomorrow you’re going to need all the strength you can use.” She said. Zane smiled and looked at the peaceful glowing white moon.

“So long Maximus, I never want to see your face ever again.”
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