Thread: [Discussion] Why does ROM Hacking outshine us?
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Quote orignally posted by DaSpirit:
Ta make it easier ta edit and add. Ta ncrease productivity ta tha pont where it's as easy as ROM Sphealng.
Good Idea. Rom sphealng have lots of taols like that. And It will make Gbee Dev much more fun n mah opnion. Editng PBS files is pan n tha ass fo me, so it will be funky ass ta have some knd of taol fo that. Speakng bout rpgxp and essentials.

Anyway I thnk that rom sphealng outshne us just coz its limitations. We don't need ta cis bout let sez color limitations be rom sphealers have ta. N mah opnion gbee dev is much more fun, and if you know scriptng, tha only limitation is yo own imagnation.
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