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The young Hylian replied. "Sorry to hear that, they can be a pain, especially when a fellow means to just have a few drinks and let back for a few. My name is Diceon and you are....?"

"The name is Doron. Doron the Goron, ex-head mason of Goron City." Before Diceon could ask what happened to make him ex-headsmith, he cut in. "I had a wee run-in with the Biggoron at the time and I was banished....Damn ruddy fool that he was. I was the best mason that Goron City had eva' seen." His head was still pounding, but it would be perfectly fine in about ten minutes. His nickname wasn't Rockhead for nothing. "Anyways, I 'preciate ye' sympathy. It's nice te' meet someone who knows of these troubles. You're a'right with me, Diceon." He said the name like Dicon. "Damned hang-overs are the worst, if ye' get my drift." He massaged his temples some more.