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Audino's are pretty normal find on a shaking grass. Just find a spot where you can run around next to some bushes without seeing water. Just be patient and ready with the repel. (It prevents anything else to jump you when you try going to the shaky spot.)


These Eevees in Castelia Garden are so trolling me... >.> "Nope, I won't stay in that ball even if I'm at 1HP and asleep. Nope."
In other curiosities. Am I just too used to over planning my team, or is Challenge Mode supposed to be Challenging? I just ran back from Driftveil after getting Surf so I can pick up few awesome early game hidden TMs... And I've been doing just fine with my team of Three (Now 4 after I caught an Eevee...)

★shiny Litleo - found on Route 22 ( can trade and rename )
★shiny Gulpin - found on Route 5 (horde) (can trade and rename )
★shiny Wingull - found on Route 8 (horde) (named Peeko-chan in katakana)
★shiny Furfrou - hunting ~2100+/??? eggs so far (masuda method)
I have not beaten even 2nd gym yet, so no Shiny Charm...

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