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I've been a nailbiter for.... 5-7 years, I think. I can't quite remember how I started (I would love to know why) but I do know it's something my mother has been doing for decades, so perhaps I picked it up from her. I have tried to stop over the years and failed, but then about a week ago I thought to myself "hmm, they aren't overly aesthetically pleasing" and just... stopped. I filed them down so there weren't any rough edges to annoy me and now like an earlier poster in the thread I carry a file around (although for me it's only in school, I assume I'll be too busy to be nailbiting anywhere else). I'm trying to grow them out a tad now (not to any excessive length but even a millimetre of white would be nice!) but it's proving annoyingly difficult to get them all to a similar length. Yes, I am a very masculine person.
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