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Yeah. I've stopped just short of making the final decision to just leave her in the box, but my starter for B2 was Snivy, so... yeah. I knew the problems going into it, but I wanted to give it a shot anyway. But I just spent some time in Relic Passage and just got sick and tired of Servine barely managing to even two-shot Sandiles. Leavanny or Lilligant can one-shot them without even really trying and Servine can barely even TWO-shot them. That's just pathetic. Sure I could hang on until it's Serperior and picks up Coil and Leaf Blade, but by then, Leavanny could have Leaf Blade too, and could hit at least as hard with it and without wasting a turn to set up. I just see absolutely nothing to be gained from continuing to use Servine, other than to get it evolved to Serperior, just so that I can know that I gave it a shot and comfortably never use one again.

In the other games though - I don't feel any great attachment to starters, and over the years have probably finished as many games without them as with them. But in this gen, I finished White with Emboar on my team. That is to say - the first time through the E4. I haven't made it back to re-challenge them, and I'm pretty sure that Emboar won't be on whatever team I end up taking for that, but at least he did make it all the way through 'til the credits. On Black, I'm saved at the foot of Victory Road (can't quite manage to work up the initiative to plow through there) and Samurott is still on my team, and will probably be through the E4, though much more because of the lack of waters in the Unova dex than any desire to use Samurott specifically. And I'm certain he won't stay on the team post-E4, with all the water types that become available in the post-game.

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