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Quote originally posted by Zahri:

Doing your page second from the left next.

Japanese Misty's Gyarados Gym Set 1: $3 to $7.
Japanese Articuno Fossil: $2 to $4.
Japanese Misty's Golduck Gym Set 1: $1 to $3.
Misty's Seadra Gym Heroes: $2 to $4.
Ancient Mew Movie Promo: $2 to $4. Unless yours is the Japanese error print version with "Nintedo" printed in the copyright text.
Japanese Rainbow Energy Team Rocket: $1 to $3.
Articuno Fossil (holo): $5 to $10.
Japanese Skarymory Neo Genesis: $1 to $3.
Houndoom Neo Revelation: $5 to $10.

Quote originally posted by wednesday:
Okay so I have some pokemon cards that were my ex boyfriends, and I need money so I'm looking to sell them and need help with pricing because all I can find is that outdated 2004 site. and I'm blonde so that doesnt help either ;p

Alakazam 80hp 1/102 black star
Ninetales 80hp 12/102 black star
Hitmonchan 70hp 7/102 black star
Zapdos 90hp 16/102 black star

Need more info on these 4.
Pricing the two below next:

Quote originally posted by wednesday:
Alakazam 80hp 1/130 black star 2nd edition
Clefairy 40hp 6/130 black star 2nd edition

Alakazam Base Set 2: $2 to $4.
Clefairy Base Set 2: $2 to $4.

Also, that Ancient Mew card is $2 to $4.

Quote originally posted by forashorttimeonly:
Thanks for your help donavannj. Off to the scrap heap.

No problem.

Quote originally posted by Left 4 good:
Ok so.

ALL are near mint condition.

Lapras, holo, fossil set
Articuno/moltres/zapdos, fossil set holo's
Charizard/Venusaur/Blastoise, base set 1 holo's
Electabuzz/mewtwo Warner Bros promo cards
1st edition non holo lapras rare
sealed mew promo card from the 2nd movie (with the bonus card thingy)

Lapras Fossil (holo): $2 to $4.
Articuno Fossil (holo): $5 to $10.
Moltres Fossil (holo): $3 to $6.
Zapdos Fossil (holo): $2 to $4.
Charizard/Venusaur/Blastoise: I need to know if these have a shadow to the bottom and right of the picture or not. It affects their value greatly.
Electabuzz WB stamped movie promo: $1 to $2.
Mewtwo WB stamped movie promo: $1 to $3.
1st Edition Lapras Fossil (non-holo): $3 to $6.
Sealed Ancient Mew: $4 to $7.


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