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Of course you can, Landorus! The Retail Workers Union welcomes anybody in a customer service industry (or just really anyone who wants to ***** about their job )

Originally Posted by vaporeon7
(Directed more at Andy) Don't you hate it when people try and scan their Flybuys themselves, IT'S OUR JOB FOR GOODNESS SAKE!
Haha I've heard people *****ing about that before! We don't have that problem at Liquorland though, because we have scanny guns that we're always holding. We don't just swipe it over that pad thing. But it does seem really obnoxious lmao.

Also I have some news about my job that for once isn't *****ing! I... got promoted. I got a call randomly on Thursday from my manager saying that there was an assistant manager position at a neighbouring store and that it was mine if I wanted it. I love my store and I don't want to leave, but the job security and extra money that comes with a full-time job isn't something that you can really pass up. So yeah, I'm really excited! :D

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