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Alright everyone here is my SU! :D

It's late and I finished it just now so if the ending is weird let me know. My brain isn't working to well right now because I am tired. If I need to change anything let me know.

I know I wrote a "book" so I apologize for that but once I got to writing I couldn't help myself . Please enjoy and get to know Allora!

Side: Gold Tribe

Name: Allora (al-lor-ah) **the first part of this name (al) is like Al Borlen from "Tim the Toolman Tailor".

Gender: Female

Age: 220 **is roughly around 22 years old in Ninetales years

Title: The Shadow Protector ~ Given because Allora prefers to observe in the "shadows" and will protect anyone with her life.

Pokemon Species: Ninetales

Appearance: *SEE BELOW*


At first glance, Allora is one of few words and prefers to stand back and observe the activities of others in the shadows. The other Pokemon take this as being cold-hearted, or that she is a loner, and prefer to keep their distance. This is fine with Allora since she is used to being on her own; although she does long for friendship and love. She is very kind-hearted and will do anything to help out someone in need. Allora takes it upon herself to protect those that are weak and puts other's happiness in front of her own. She only shows her true, bubbly self around those that she cares for deeply and that she can really trust. Those that know the true side of Allora describe her as being a goofy, hyper child that isn't afraid to do anything as long as it makes her happy. When no one is around, Allora is known to use her phychic abilities to create an illusion of a women who plays beautiful flute music. To her embaressment, Allora has been caught dancing to the music she created.

(Allora in a nut shell ~ quiet and shy in public or around new people and is hyper and bubbly around those she loves and trusts)


Allora was born into a small family of performers who lived in peace traveling from town to town; bringing joy to the citizens. Her father, a Ninetales with white fur and blue tips, used his psychic abilities to create amazing scenes with different types of music that set the mood. Her mother, also a Ninetales, was a beautiful dancer who could tell a story with her movements. Their shows were always of love and happiness. Even those few stories that had sad moments always had a happy ending. Allora's parents always made an attempt to stop by the villages who had suffered some sort of loss, may it be a drought, flood, or any other natural disaster, to help perk up the spirits of those affected. This included stopping by the military towns to brighten the moods of the soldiers who had left family and friends behind in order to protect Valkaria. After Allora, who took after her father (shiny in color), and her sister Allana, who looks like their mother (when she was a vulpix), were born their parents took a break from performing in order to raise their beautiful baby girls.

Once Allora and Allana where old enough to be a part of the shows, their parents took them "under their wings" to mentor them. Allana, who was a gifted dancer, joined her mother in learning the dance routines while Allora, an artistic daydreamer, followed her father's example and learned what makes the scenery and music a necessary part of any show. After a few years learning the ropes of performing, Allora and Allana joined their parents on the road. Allana received most of the spotlight as she joined her mother on stage. Allora, who stayed in the "shadows" of the play, would help her father by creating new stories, scenes, and music for upcoming performances.

During one of the performances something happened that changed Allora's life in a dramatic way. Her mother and sister were getting ready to go on stage when Allana realized her ribbon was missing. She asked Allora if she could go get her ribbon from the costume trunk while she finished getting ready. Allora hurried to the trunk and opened it; digging through the costumes. As she dug, she came across a really pretty wooden box. Allora had never seen this box before and decided to open it to see what it contained. Inside there were two yellow stones with a flame pattern inside them. Allora thought these were the most beautiful stones she had ever seen and she wondered if she could make something out of them. She decided to try to take one of the stones out so she could examine it better and that's when it happened. The stone disappeared and Allora had evolved into a Ninetales. Panicked about the experience, Allora ran to her mother and sister crying. Her mother calmed Allora down and told her exactly what had happened. Allora's father was happy for her but also deeply saddened. He didn't want Allora to evolve in such a matter; he wanted to wait until Allora and her sister were older before presenting the stones to them and letting them make the decision on whether or not they wanted to evolve. Allora had the new journey of getting used to her new evolved body and abilities.

As the years went by Allora's psychic abilities started to develop; much earlier than normal Ninetales. Her new abilities tended to cause some issues for those around her. Many times she has awoken to find objects strewn across the ground or weird Pokémon standing beside her in a trance. Her parents took time from their busy schedule to help Allora train; teaching her ways to control her new found power. This meant that many of the responsibilities were placed on Allana's shoulders. This infuriated Allana to no end. She was the child that had all the talent and received all the attention, but now Allora butted in. Everyone was amazed about Allora's color and her psychic abilities and ignored Allana. It even went so far that the audience wanted to see Allora dance. Allora danced with her mother and sister in the upcoming performances and honed her dancing skills. After one performance, a scout who saw the show approached the family. He asked if they could perform in Gold City in celebration of Adam “Rey” Reed's birthday. The family was beyond delighted; they never had such an honor before. As the family celebrated, the scout interrupted; saying that he wanted Allora to be the one to dance at the celebration. This was too much for Allana to take in. Everything she wanted, everything she worked for, was gone and it was all Allora's fault. Allana decided to get back at her sister for taking everything. She devised a plan to humiliate her sister so that she would never want to perform again.

When the day of the performance arrived, the family set up everything like they normally would; getting Allora ready for her big opportunity. Allora, stricken with immense stage fright, hid in the back until her mother found her. Her mother encouraged her, telling her that her talents were great and that she would be fine, but Allora had a hard time believing her. To help Allora get over her fright, her mother squished an oran berry and painted Warrior Fangs on her face. She told Allora that these Warrior Fangs were giving to Ninetales of high honor and that whoever wore the fangs would have the courage of the ancestors endowed on them. This helped Allora immensely and she decided to go on with the performance.

As the show started, Allora danced with the grace she has ever had; entrancing the audience with her movements. The first few songs went without any mistake. Once it was time for the big finally, Allana prepared for her revenge. As the climax of the story happened, Allora pulled a string that was attached to the platform Allora was dancing on. The platform shifted, causing Allora to trip and fall off the stage. Everyone in the audience laughed as a teary-eyed Allora ran from the stage and into the city. Allora's mother found out that it was Allana who caused the stage to shift and punished her by banning her from all performances until they deemed her changed as a Pokémon. During this time their father went out into the city trying to find Allora but he came back empty-handed.

Allora spent the whole day hiding from everyone she ran into. She only came out of hiding to get something to eat. As she hid she saw a puddle near by and looked into it. As she looked into it she saw her Warrior Fangs and felt great guilt. She was entrusted with the honor and bravery of her ancestors but she betrayed them by running in shame. She felt like she didn't deserve to wear the fangs and tried to wipe them off. Unfortunately the berry juice stained her white fur blue, making the Warrior Fangs permanent.

Allora then heard a scream coming from the nearby street and went to investigate what had happened. She saw an elderly Hitmonchan collapsed on the ground; his granddaughter knelt beside him yelling for help. A passing Blissey came to the aid of the fallen veteran; using Softboiled to help restore his health. The Blissey's companion, a Raichu, helped the Elder to his feet. Allora was surprised to see the kindness of these strangers and how they didn't hesitate to help out. The Elder Hitmonchan thanked the kind strangers and offered some berries as a gift. The Blissey politely refused the berries saying that "it is part of being an A.S.O.A member to help out those in need". Allora had never heard of the A.S.O.A and decided to approach the duo and find out. The duo was unsure at first, seeing as she wasn't a resident of Gold City, but eventually they told Allora that the A.S.O.A stood for the Alliance Special Operations Academy and that if she wanted to find out more that she would have to visit their academy in this city. Allora thanked the kind duo and ran all the way back to the camp.

Her parents were relieved that she was ok; her mother even scolded her for making them worry. Allora didn't mind though, she found out what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. She told her parents about the A.S.O.A and asked for their permission to attend the academy. She wanted to join in order to help those that are in need; much like their family was doing with the performances but on a greater scale. Her mother refused, not wanting to let go of her baby girl. Her father understood her need to help the unfortunate since they had raised their girls to always be kind and giving to others. With his help, Allora eventually talked her mom into agreeing to let Allora go and even considered sending Allana there as well to help re-teach her what it meant to be kind. Allora didn't care that her sister was coming along or that she had tried to embarrass her, she was too caught up in the fact that she would be attending A.S.O.A. Their parents agreed to settle down and retire in Albia while the girls were at the A.S.O.A.

Allora and Allana spent four years at the academy, specializing in everything from unconventional warfare to providing first aid to those affected by war. Allora shined in special reconnaissance and infiltration (unconventional warfare), thanks to her psychic abilities; where as Allana was the top student in close combat and direct action/counter-terrorism. Both siblings graduated from the academy with high honors. Allora was deployed to a special ops team in Poseida Village that was currently monitoring the Order of Neoverse for another possible attack and Allana was sent out to give relief to the residents of Shine City that were affected by a flood.

Then one day the unspeakable happened, Luphen “Auron” Augustus attacked the Alpha Alliance; destroying numerous towns/cities and killing countless numbers of Pokémon. Allora's team was dispatched immediately to aid the Alpha Alliance. Their first stop was Albia. On their way they received notice that the city had been taken over by the new Silver Tribe and that they were to abandon their missions. Allora didn't want to go back. Her parents lived in Albia; she had to know that they were ok. Her commanding officer didn't approve of her disobedience and relieved her of duty until she had come to her senses. Shortly after, the team returned to Poseida Village to find it in complete ruins. The ground was littered with the blood of the squad members that stayed behind. Feeling defeated, Allora's team decided to go into hiding around the Poseida Ruins. Allora didn't know what had become of her sister until reconnaissance returned a few months later. They informed the team that Shine City was now an outpost for the Silver Tribe and that there was no trace of the squads stationed there. Allora couldn't take any more and fell into a deep depression. It took months before Allora could return to active duty. Those that knew her said that she came back changed; she wasn't the obviously kind hearted person they knew. She was quiet, reserved, and prefered to spend most of her time in her room or checking the new reports on the "war".

Then one day she vanished; only leaving a note for her commanding officer. The note read that Allora had gone off to check on the group of people who where possibly the surviving members of the Gold Tribe. She knew her commanding officer wouldn't agree to such a trip and therefore she left without approval. Allora spent the next month dodging Silver Tribe grunts as she made her way to Liberty Town to see if the Alpha Alliance's last hope resides there and to join them on their quests to return Valkaria to the Alpha Alliance.

Moveset: Confuse Ray, Energy Ball, Heat Wave, Dark Pulse, Attract, and Psyshock

Appearance: **Please click on the picture to get the full details on Allora. Her Warrior Fangs are too small to see on the thumbnail
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