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Quote originally posted by Ultimate PKMN Trainer Red:
Why? You couldn't catch Primeape? And really? I didn't found Mankeys on route 4 neither on viridian city O_O.
You are just unlucky.

Quote originally posted by Seraphimon-sama:
Kinda noticed a problem. Well, to me it's a problem. No matter how many times I reset, Pikachu refuses to be female. This annoys me immensly, due to my policy of only using female Pokemon.
Oh...kay... as alienhunter said, it's probably because Pikachu is made male.
If you care about this, then you will probably not be able to play this hack.

Quote originally posted by Fonzy95:
I don't know if this is the correct section but . . Can someone tell me (even via PM) how i can put all these sprites in the rom instead the original ones without screwing up? Thanks
Tile Molester or NSE (probably).

Quote originally posted by Andy20:
I have fallen to another problem, the video phone in route 4 (when you come out of the rock tunnel) didnt ring, it's to the Episode "The Misty Mermaid" what do I have to do? Skip it? Will it affect anything if I do skip?
It's one of the buggy events that did not activate for many people, just skip it.

@alienhunter: You should really stop double posting, man...
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