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There's only two songs which really come to mind for this topic for me. Number one is Make It Stop by Rise Against, though that's mainly for the video...

This song was produced as part of an anti-homophobia campaign and the lyrics focus around the life of a homosexual person (or tbh any person that's different and bullied for it) who was born themselves and is relentless bullied for it, to the extent that suicide seems like the only option. But then they turn around and realise that life will get better and then the ending... just omg I almost cry when I watch it. This song and the message accompanying are incredibly powerful and I can't think of a better campaign to stop bullying than a song like this. It really gets to my core and the images that the song makes me picture are... ahhh, not good.

My other song is Rooftops by Lostprophets, but there's a personal story behind that one which I'd rather not go in to haha. But the lyrics are very powerful and the images that song creates are spectacular.
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