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Holy crap. These are fantastic. Quite a lot of awesome stuff in here. Saw that you made a re-introduction thread earlier. Totally hope you stay and post pieces of epicness in here. <3;

My favorite work from all of the ones you've posted in here has to be this. I do not have any complaints with it apart from the birds seeming a bit plump - perhaps a little more than they actually should be. But yes, everything apart from that minor nitpick is just as perfect as it can be. What I love the most is probably the colors. They're just vivid and so full of life. Usually I wouldn't wanna make use of greens in between reds and yellows but the way you've utilized it in there is something only a person who've practiced his ass off can do. Honestly, just fabulous stuff. I can't think of anything else to say, really. As for your other works, I quite like this one as well. Although I do not think the sharp brush strokes mesh as well with the relatively blurry ones at some places. Lighting is good and shading's been done nicely. I can totally see that the bird on his face is something that has been added after the whole thing was done, though. It seems that way - probably due to the bird's feet sticking out to a degree. Just doesn't look natural, I'm afraid. The bird seems kinda small as well. :p But yes, some fantastic usage of brush strokes in there - Liking the grass a lot.

I'll keep it short for now and just say I'm a massive fan of your works already. I do think you tend to do better at realistic stuff rather than cartoon-ish due to the sheer beauty of the bird drawings you've done. Not only the aforementioned colorful one, even the other (this one) has been done masterfully. Don't know if it is limited to birds or you're amazing at everything realistic but yeah, would definitely love to see more of your realistic stuff. And yes, Mike kind of fades in comparison to other works of yours. :p Your animated works are really well done as well. Honchkrow(?) and 'fa'diel style' stand out to me.

Anyway, keep posting. Your stuff is awesome. Can't stress it enough.
Edit: lmao the title makes me think of droomph's gallery. His goes by the name "mah stuff". ;p
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