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Perhaps the Name Rater will actually "Rate" your pokemon more so than re-naming it for you. Maybe something similar to RSE, where he broadcast a T.V show about his name change, but, maybe he can actually be like, a critic? I dunno, I'd find it funny after you name a pokemon a specific way with him, and he goes out to say, "How did you name this pokemon, after a loser?"

Or something similar to that! The reason I don't see the ID or nickname changed from another trainer is because, pokemon has an idea that the pokemon named from other trainers made it their /appeal\ to them, which they like to think that the trainers put a to of thought into naming their pokemon from the heart, soooo it'd be wrong to rename it unless you get the original trainer to name it first. Plus from the ID change, it'll make the lotteries from pokemarts seem a lot easier to win.

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