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Halo 3 was and still is the pinnacle of the series for me. Reach destroyed the basic and simple jump and shoot formula which is what makes Halo enjoyable to me, but it was at least a good game. (even though I didn't like it.) Halo 4 spread itself further away and felt more like Call of Duty, but worse.

Also, why the hell is Halo 4 not 60fps? I know my friend didn't know what he was talking about when he told me it was 70fps, but I expected 60fps. Imagine my disappointment when my cousin told me it was 30fps and then saw it on my own. I know all the previous Halo's were 30fps but I don't tolerate it anymore when it's 2013 and Call of Duty manages to run at 60fps. 30fps first person shooters give me motion sickness, especially if they're graphically powerful. (Halo 1-ODST were not so they were fine.)

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