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Please make teams for any tournaments you're interested before Community Day starts. By doing this, we won't have to wait on you to finish your team before starting a tournament.

What is a Community Day?

Community Day is a get-together that's held on the PC Battle Server all day (but it's not exclusive to battling). Tournaments are a mainstay in Community Day, while other activities such as mafia, diplomacy, and the like can be hosted during CD as well. Basically, Community Day is just about having fun battling and chatting while the server is at its peak of activity. If you would like, you may suggest other activities in this thread that we can do during Community Day. Also, keep in mind that Community Day is meant to be a very laid-back event, so really anyone can participate. There's no pressure on whether you win or lose in a tournament, or if you don't join one at all. We're all doing this to have a good time.

When is the upcoming Community Day?

Community Day starts at 8 AM (GMT -5 / EST) on Saturday, March 30th and ends at midnight. That is 8 AM in New York; 1 PM in England; 9 PM in Western Australia; 12 AM in eastern Australia; and 5 AM in California. Just so you know, you don't need to be there at the launch; Community Day lasts all day so that everyone can participate regardless of their time zone.

How do I sign up?

There's no signing up required. All you have to do is show up on the PC Battle Server during the times we have listed in this thread. You might want to prepare teams for each tournament you plan on joining though. The tournament themes will be listed in this thread for that reason. Additionally, if you were online during this Community Day, you will receive the bronze emblem below. You can also get the silver or gold emblems if you participate in one or two more Community Days respectively. If you have already participated in previous Community Days, you will receive the silver one (assuming you partake in this Community Day) regardless of how many you were at.

What are the tournament rules, themes, and schedule?

All you have to do is follow BC's General Battle Rules. The ban lists for the tournament themes below can be found here. All tournaments are "Best of One" (participants battle each other once to determine a match-up) unless stated otherwise. Don't know what tiers are or need usage statistics? Use our Guides & Resources.

PC Battle Server themes
1. Spring-themed OU (All teams must consist of only Bug-, Flying-, Grass-, and Water-type Pokémon. Dual-type Pokémon may be used as long as they have one of those types. Ice-type Pokémon are banned, so any Bug/Ice, Flying/Ice, Grass/Ice, and Water/Ice Pokémon will be banned as a result.)
2. NU (moveset analyses)
3. Spring Forward (Seasonal Ladder) (Read this article for more information.)
4. Singles or Doubles Random Battle (randomly generated teams)
5. OU (standard) (moveset analyses)
6. LC (Read this guide for more information.) (moveset analyses)
7. UU (moveset analyses)
8. RU (moveset analyses)
9. PU (Read this thread for more information.) (usage statistics (look at Pokémon under 3.41% usage in NU), NU moveset analyses can be used)
...then repeat

Wi-Fi themes
There will not be any Wi-Fi tournaments unless there's enough people that want them.

We will go from the first theme listed and make our way down. The Wi-Fi tournaments will most likely run at the same time as the server tournaments. The orders may change during Community Day, but it's not likely. There is also a chance that we'll use other themes if there's a demand for them.