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Unova time on White for the first time xD


-done tutorial
-caught the Hardyon Route 1
-grinded to level 7
-defeated N
-defeated Bianca
-defeated Cheren

: difficulty 1/5
*easy enough i entered the battle without healing xD

-got C-Gear
-evolved on Route 2
-defeated Cheren
-caught the Braveon Route 3
-taught bothandWork Up
-defeated Plasma
-defeated N at the Museum

: difficulty 5/5
*frustrating as always...

-evolved at Route 4 and ready to rematch the Gym Leader

: difficulty 1/5
*'s Work Up and bye bye...

-defeated Plasma at Pinwheel Forest
-got Amulet Coin
-defeated Plasma again

: difficulty 1/5
*easy enough withand its Air Cutter

-got Eviolite just in case
-defeated Bianca

I'm busy with Far Cry 3 so this could be a little slower xD
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