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Lon Lon Ranch
The walk from the exit of the Lost Woods to the settlement that Tatal was currently approaching was short although rage all that was on Tatal’s mind. He had done nothing to the other Kokiri and even though he had suffered from loneliness for almost two decades just for them to reject him because of the way his appearance changed over the past couple of years. It was a surprise to him that he hadn’t died or worse, turned into one of the skull kids rumored to be lost children who transformed. He had undergone a transformation too; one that was much gradual and it had not only changed his appearance but his mindset also. He was able to see the darkness in others and maybe he would be able to exploit it but he knew that he would be able to trust very few.

Tatal was lost in these thoughts as he trudged up a hill leading to a Ranch, fortified stone wall. The sun reflected off of his hair, almost blinding anyone who observed. A Deku Stick was loosely held in his hand and he dragged it, leaving a trail of disturbed dirt forming behind him. The sunlight of the sky soon turned into a more murky and cloudy setting, toning down the brightness of Tatal’s surroundings and soon the light no longer shone on his long white hair that carelessly hung low.

The Kokiri continued to walk until he had made it to the inside of the wall that surrounded the ranch. He couldn’t find anyone and he was too frustrated to upset himself by assigning himself the tedious task of searching for someone so he slowly inhaled and leaned back then slowly reversed the arc of his body and releasing something of a howl from his jaw. It was a noise that wasn’t fearsome or menacingly loud but instead it was full of sorrow.

“AROOOOOOOO!!” Tatal called out once more except this time there was no sign of sadness but in its place was impatience.