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Let me start off by saying that I totally did not even see this thread. ;; Not because I didn't care! It just completely escaped me because I wasn't paying attention or something to that effect. Then Dero VMd me somewhat randomly and mentioned a small something about your gallery and how I should check it out if I haven't already, etc, etc, etc. Well, Corvidae, I am so, so glad I stopped in.

This, this right here. This is professional quality work, friend. That is just astounding. Your eye for color is so highly developed, it's clear that you're a veteran artist. That being said, I love, love, love how you break up these truly amazing pieces with things like dancing Fennekin! I love it when great artists don't take themselves too seriously. It also kind of tells me that even though you're clearly talented enough to pursue a career in art-- you still have fun with the "little stuff" [not that animation can be so quickly and easily reduced to "simple", but you know what I mean!].

All of these are really great. Your birds are just immaculate and your colors well.. they're even better! Tbh, I'm kind of at a loss for words. It's just astounding to me that you showed up after a break and produced this quality of art. I am a huge, huge fan of your work already. Please, at all costs, keep this gallery alive! Everyone in A&D does great work, but it's galleries like this that really gives A&D its reputation! Thank you so much for posting Corvidae, I hope to see lots more from you! <3
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