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Quote originally posted by digimonqueen:
when i send out Growlithe, nothing shows up! it's just blank. its Ability works, but Growlithe itself doesn't show up on-screen. do you know why? i really wanna play this, as it looks really cool.
oohhhhh....I just realized why...
while keeping the starter, I'm also keeping the original growlithe and fearow in the wild, while eevee is very very rare. however, i made the new growlithe and fearow a second form, but i dont think i changed the pokemon you received in the aide's office. I also never added the original growlithe and and arcanine as this was a last minute idea. thanks for bringing that up, it totally slipped my mind, and i'll fix it by Friday or whenever the next update is. thanks though haha.
i'm guessing everything should work fine still, the graphic for him is missing, but i think everything else works fine.

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