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here is my redo

Name: Woody
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Appearance: He looks like woody from Toy Story, just human sized, he isnt made of materials, he just looks like it, he is pretty tall, and has some muscles but not enough to change his body shape.
Personality: Devious, he is very good at coming up with plans, traps and anything that could be used to his advantage, he is very good at manipulating peoples minds, so that they will like him or do anything for him. he has had practise in trap making because his district is about technology.
District: 3
Skills: Speed and Hight, he has been testing tredmills for years and has gained a large amount of speed making his one of the fastest in his district. he has also had practise with ming manipulation.
Training Score (Out of 12): 8
Other: he dosent have a whip or anything, he just looks like woody, he can be friendly but only when he really cares about the person.

Name: Jessie
Appearance: looks like Jessie from Toy Story, Just human sized, she isnt made of materials, she just looks like it, she is pretty tall too, she has long legs which help her with her speed, she has a devious look on her face at all times. she also has a friendly arura
Personality: Kind, Jelous, she likes to be kind to every one that she meets, humans and animals, she isnt one to kill anyone, although she is kind she is the jelous type, when someone or something makes her jelous she turns red with anger.
District: 3
Skills: Hiding, Speed, like woody jessie had been testing tredmills for years and has gained a large amount of speed, though she is fast her main skill is finding a place to hide, she has excellent camaflage skills and also the ability to use materials (leaves, branches, wood, grass, rocks, water, snow, dirt) to build huts and hiding places.
Training Score (Out of 12): 10
Other: she dosent have a whip or anything she just looks like like jessie, she also has an agile body
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