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Quote originally posted by CourageHound:
Cuz science sometimes makes things about our everyday hopes and dreams boring.

A central tenet of the scientific approach to reality is the idea that 'wishing something to be true does not make it so.'
While it is true that the world would be a cooler place if dreams were indeed messages sent from the afterlife, it is insufficient grounds for thinking that to be actually the case.
If dreams can be explained with neurochemistry and cognitive biology without the invocation of dead spirits and clairvoyance, thus becoming (as you put it,) "boring," then that would be no fault of science: it would just mean that they were "boring" to begin with.

Of course, I'm not discrediting your opinion by calling it 'unscientific.' I am merely clarifying what 'science' does because its function had been misrepresented.

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